Watch for Horses!

S.R. writes:

As a horse lover and rider I'm speaking to the people who have no idea... If you see someone on the side of the road and or shoulder in the grass, whether it be on a horse or walking next to it, please: slow down! Horses are 1200+ lbs animals who yes have a mind of their own. It doesn't matter if it's the best trained horse out there or a newly started one. They can change their mind at any given second. For you to not even slow down as you are going 60+ mph is dangerous! Plain and simple! I'm just asking as a courtesy to me and everyone else who rides! And to the person who flew passed me this a.m. in a black car on Mount Harmony Church Road, and never even let up or moved over: thank you for putting not only my life in danger but my husbands and my horses life as well!

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Tone it Down


T.H. writes: To all OCL members and local citizens,

Did I call it, or what? All the leaders in our congress and all our local universities that have brought hate and tearing up property and calling on mobs and kick 'em in the face has channeled enough hate and division to make individuals go to the next despicable level.

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